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JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOSCIENCES - Volume 1, Issue 3, July-September 2013

Pages: 100-104

Clinical evaluation of Guduchyadi Yoga and its combination with Udvartana by Haritaki in the management of Sthaulya with speci al reference to obesity

Author: M. A. Pandit, S. N. Ojha

Category: Original research

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Obesity is a vexatious problem as it opens the door to so many other diseases. Present research work was aimed towards the best management of obesity. Randomized single blind trial was carried out in 60 obese patients of age group 18 to 60 years. Patients were divided into two groups; 30 patients (Group A) were given Guduchyadi yoga and 30 patients (Group B) were posted for Udvartana with dry powder of Haritaki along with the same Guduchyadi yoga used in Group A. It was found that in Group A, weight reduced from 83.12 ± 10.6 to 80.43 ± 10.53 kg. Whereas in Group B, weight reduced from 82.17±10.63 to 77.67±10.24 kg. Similarly in Group A, circumference of abdomen was reduced from 107.4 ± 10 to 105 ± 10.07 cm. Whereas in Group B, it reduced from 103.8 ± 9.192 to 99.23 ± 9 cm. Both Groups have shown significant results at P < 0.001. Results of Group B were better than those in group A. Thus it can be concluded that in the management of obesity, Guduchyadi yoga along with Udvartan was better as compared to the use of Guduchyadi yoga alone.

Keywords: Obesity, Udvartana, Sthaulya, Guduchyadi

DOI: 24 August 2013

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