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JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOSCIENCES - Volume 2, Issue 3, July-September 2014

Pages: 72-79

A review of screening tools used for the assessment of appropriateness of prescription's among elderly patients

Author: Mandavi Kashyap, Muhammad Zahid Iqbal

Category: Short review

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Inappropriate medication use in elderly population has long been an issue of healthcare quality along with over and under use of medication. Several factors like increasing age, availability of new classes of drugs, and changes in physicians' prescribing habits contributed to changes in the drug use patterns among elderly. The assessment of the appropriateness of prescription in elderly is an essentially complex task and the health researchers have identified various cases of inappropriate drug use in the elderly in several countries. Different screening tools were prepared for the assessment of appropriateness of prescription and some of them are being used for assessment of appropriateness of prescription. In this perspective, the Beerís Criteria is one of the most commonly used tools. None of the tools in its original contour is applicable to any country as there are differences in the pharmaceutical market of different countries, their prescribing patterns, diseases characteristics, physician areas and most of all, the patientís characteristics. This review explains advantages and limitations of all available different screening tools that can significantly improve elderly pharmacotherapy. The author believes that this review will highlight the requirement of modification of tools with respect to real time practice in terms of country specific prescribing behavior to avoid inappropriate prescription

Keywords: Elderly, Beers criteria, Inappropriateness, Screening tools

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