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JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOSCIENCES - Volume 2, Issue 4, October-December 2014

Pages: 1-28

Proceedings of the National Level Conference on Recent Approaches in Drug Design held at S. M. B. T. College of Pharmacy, Dhamangaon, Nasik, India., on 21st & 22nd November 2014.

Author: Dr. Avinash S. Dhake S.M.B.T. College of Pharmacy. Nandi Hills, Dhamangaon Tal. Igatpuri, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra State, India

Category: Conference Proceedings

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Principal's Message

It gives us enormous delight to welcome all the eminent speakers and delegates to the National Level conference Recent Approaches in Drug Design being held at S.M.B.T. College of Pharmacy, Dhamangaon Dist. Nashik on 21st and 22nd November 2014.

We feel it a proud opportunity for organizing this conference. The conference will cover research in computational chemistry, molecular design of drugs and other aspects of drug discovery. Papers discussing research conducted in any of the broad areas have been invited for presentation.

The discovery of drugs has always been one of the most challenging areas in pharmaceutical sciences and medicine. The professional fields involved in drug discovery have been continuously increasing over the past century. Around 1900, only a chemist & a physician could manage to introduce a new drug in medical practice. Now, a huge team of researchers is involved with experts from synthetic chemistry, analysis, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical research, statistics & drug regulatory affairs.

While many new drugs have been introduced & later withdrawn for several reasons, the older well-studied drugs have their own special place in medical sciences. Morphine was the first narcotic analgesic to be discovered in 1806. In spite of a good number of narcotic analgesics developed from morphine being available for various specialized purposes, morphine is still one of the most potent drugs being used in severe pain.

Thus, the search for a non-toxic opioid based on morphine structure is far from being over. Similarly, Cox-II inhibitors like rofecoxib and valdecoxib have been withdrawn from the market leaving ground to the earlier NSAIDS like ibuprofen and diclofenac.

Dr. Avinash S. Dhake

S.M.B.T. College of Pharmacy,

Nandi Hills, Dhamangaon Tal. Igatpuri,

Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra State, India.

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