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Author Guidelines

Author’s guidelines

The journal considers contributions in the form of full length original research articles, short communications and review articles. Commentaries will be published by invitation only. Conference news and announcements will also be published.

Peer Review Process:
All contributions will be sent to at least two reviewers for their comments on the paper. The authors can suggest potential reviewers for their manuscripts with full contact details; however the journal reserves the right to select them for reviewing the articles.The authors should carefully format the manuscript as per the journal’s author guidelines instructions, without which th editor reserves the right to reject the manuscript without sending it to the reviewers for their opinions.

Once the recommendations/comments are received by the editor, the comments are communicated to respective corresponding author. The authors are required to submit the corrections/ views regarding the reviewer comments within the stated deadline, failing which the further processing of the manuscript will be declined. After the corrections are been received by the editor, the decision regarding manuscripts will be mailed to the authors.

Manuscript Submission:
All the authors are requested to prepare manuscripts using MS-word format and submit it online or mail it

All the contents of the manuscript (excluding figures but including references, figure legends and tables) must appear in a single file and all the instructions mentioned below should be strictly followed in order to avoid delays in the Manuscript processing.

Preparation Of Manuscript:The authors should refer to the papers provided on the journal website for a detailed view of the manuscript format.

The entire manuscripts should be typed in MS –word format using “Times New Roman”, on A4 page size, with 1”wide margins.

  • Authors are requested to check for proper usage of English language, any grammatical errors in writing, and use standard scientific language in framing the manuscript. The editor reserves the right to return poorly written manuscripts back to the authors prior to scientific review.
  • Articles should include the following in sequence: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and References. Figures captions and table legends should be presented on separate pages in the same file, followed by references.
    For reviews however, the text to be described followed by introduction can bear titles based upon the author’s selection, but formatted for headings and subheadings as per journal’s guidelines.
  • Use of standard methods (ISI, IUPAC nomenclature etc.) for description of quantities, physical constants, values, chemical structures and symbols for description of data wherever applicable in the manuscript is expected.

Title:Title of manuscript should be in bold face, title case (font size 14), 1.5 line spacing. After single line space the names of the authors should be mentioned in normal face, upper case (font size 12), single spacing. The affiliation/address (es) of each author should be in normal face lower case, 10 font size with single spacing, and denoted separately by use of numbers as superscripts against the names of authors. An asterisk (*) must be placed as superscript against the name of the corresponding author whose email id, fax, telephone number have to be mentioned at the bottom left corner of the title. It is the sole responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that the contents of the manuscript are submitted with the prior consent of all the co-authors.

Abstract:The abstract should be written on a new page followed by title and must not exceed 200 words. The abstract should convey the significance of the study, the problem studied, methodology applied, results and conclusion. Use of abbreviations, diagrams, figures and tables should be avoided. Abstract should be in normal face, with single spacing, font size 12.

Key words:There should be minimum four key words for each manuscript and should not exceed six maximum. Keywords should be mentioned in normal face, 12 font size and title case.

Text:The text of the manuscript should be written in sections as Introduction, Materials and Methods, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and References. Each main heading should be upper case and subheadings in sentence case with 12 font size, and bold face. The text should not repeat the data mentioned in the tables, and should find reference arranged in chronological order as they appear in the list of references. The figures and tables should be properly cited in the text.

Tables:The tables should be arranged after the complete text of manuscript in a chronological order as cited in the text. Tables should be labelled with Arabic numerals and the title should be clear and short. The footnotes of tables if present should be mentioned at the bottom of the respective table in italics, 10 font size, and normal face. The text in table should be in 12 font size, normal face, and titles of column should be in bold face, 12 font size.
The list of footnotes should be supplied separately after the list of references in the manuscript after figure legends.


  • All illustrations/figures should be followed by tables and be appropriately mentioned in the text of the manuscript in a separate PDF format file during submission along with the MS word files.
  • The word file of the manuscript should not be embedded with figures along with the text.
  • All the figures should be supplied as separate files, labeled with figure numbers, only in JPEG or TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. Figures should be of a size as to allow a reduction upto 50% without affecting the clarity.
  • The labeling of the figures should be appropriate in size to allow a reduction of 50%.
  • Authors are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) and if they wish to include figures or text passages that have already been published elsewhere and must include evidence that such permission has been granted when submitting their papers. Any matter received without such proofs/evidences will be assumed to be the original work of the authors and the authors will be responsible for the conflicts arising from such practices.
  • The list of figure legends should be supplied separately after the list of references in the manuscript.

References:References should be mentioned in the text and in the list of references in square brackets, for example as [1] as superscripts. The references of journals, books and chapter’s from books should be mentioned as stated below. Unpublished data and citations which are not a part of peer reviewed journals or published books cannot be cited as a reference.For review articles, extensive literature survey on current and upcoming information with a minimum of 50 references is desirable.

Examples:Reference to journal articles:Sander, A., Hanna,J., Michael, A., 2000. The art of extraction of constituents. Journal of Scientific Illustrations. 193, 41-49.

Reference to book:

  • Fang J.W., Fledderus, E.B., 1979. The constituents of proteins, third ed. Macmillan, New York.

Reference to a chapter in an edited book:

  • Bryan, T.R., Smith, J.C., 1982. How to prepare a digital form of manuscript, in: Adams, B.L., John, R.K. (Eds.), Introduction to digitization. E-Publishing Inc., New York, pp. 200-336.

Acknowledgements:For research work sponsored or funded by any organization, and for contributions from any person / group, a brief acknowledgements section may be included.

Copyright:Submission of the manuscript to the journal implies that the manuscript has not been published previously and / or is not considered for publication elsewhere in any form or language. Authors will be required to sign a Copy Right Transfer Agreement form, prior to publication once the manuscript is accepted. The Copy Right Transfer Agreement form can be downloaded from the website and should be sent to the editor after being duly signed by the authors and co-authors.No paper will be published unless the copyright agreement is submitted.

Author Details:Along with the copyright, the corresponding author should submit the contact details of each of the authors, including affiliation, contact number e-mail and state the role of each author in the work described in the manuscript or in the designing of manuscript.

Ethical Matters:Manuscripts involving the use of experimental animals and human subjects in their work should have approval from the Institutional Animal Ethics committee in agreement with “Principles of Laboratory Animal Care”. The authors must include a statement along with the manuscript to prove that the investigation was approved and that informed consent was obtained.

Manuscript Charges:Each accepted paper is required to pay the processing charge of Rs.1500/- or US $100 (for foreign authors) per manuscript towards the processing charges before the accepted paper is published.

Proofs:Once the papers are accepted for publication, the galley proofs will be sent to authors for final review. Any type setting errors should be corrected at this stage.

Publication Off-Prints:Offprint’s of published journal issues will not be sent to authors free of charge, the articles will be however available free of charge on the journal’s website.

Declaration:While submitting the article to the journal, the corresponding author should declare (on the behalf of co-authors) that the manuscript is their original work and is not published or communicated for publication in any other journal / proceeding in any form in complete or partial form. Without such a declaration in the covering letter, the manuscripts are not considered for publication process.

Disclaimer:The publisher is not responsible for any injury and/or damage to any individual / property arising as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any methods/ products/instructions in the manuscript content. The respective individual author(s) will be solely responsible for the facts/views stated in their manuscripts.

Contact us: For any query please feel free to contact us

Authors Guidelines (PDF)

Copy Right Transfer Agreement Form (PDF)