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Year : 2021   |  Volume : 9  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 1-1

Continued publishing model: An author and journal perspective

Traditionally, the journals followed a regular volume vise publishing model in which journals accumulated the accepted papers and published them in the forthcoming issues. In such scenarios, authors have to wait to get the published copy of their article even after the paper is accepted. The waiting period may vary depending upon the frequency of issues a journal releases in a year. For example, if a journal releases four issues in a year, the author has to wait up to three months; and if a journal releases a single issue in a year, the author has to wait for a year to get the published copy of their research paper. This model was implemented because, in earlier times, when the internet was not available, journals had to release the printed issue. It is then not possible to follow a continuous publishing model.
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