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Year : 2022   |  Volume : 10  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 1-1

Art of publishing scientific research papers: A guide for pharmaceutical and biosciences researchers

The art of publishing a scientific paper is somewhat different from the art of drafting a research paper. Publishing is the process that starts after the draft of a research paper is finalized. The publishing process involves finding a suitable journal, submission of a research paper, replying to the comments of the reviewers, and finally, selecting a publishing model. All these processes follow a sequential flow, and the final product is a published paper. Each of the four steps in the publishing process is critical, and research should not take any step lightly. Many times, due to simple mistakes of the authors, their paper gets rejected from the journal after replying to two of three rounds of peer review. The present editorial aims to guide pharmaceutical and biosciences students regarding the publishing process so that they can effectively communicate their research to journals and get it published in the minimum time frame.
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