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Year : 2023   |  Volume : 11   |  Issue : 1   |   Page : 1-1  

Role of multidisciplinary journals in academic acceleration

Atul K. Goyal, Jyoti Saini

Correspondence Address:Doc Navigator, New Chandigarh, Mohali, Punjab, India

Source of Support: Nil, Conflict of Interest: None declared

DOI: 10.4103/2231-4040.197331


Journals play an important role in academics by providing a platform for students, faculty, and other researchers to share their research work with the rest of the academia. In the past, when information technology and computers were not common, publishing a paper was very difficult, and it took years in the peer review and publishing process. With the advancement of information technology, the peer review process has become very easy, and nowadays, the author is able to track the progress of their submitted paper in real time. With the evolution of the publishing industry, nowadays, there are hundreds of journals available. Some journals are subject-specific and publish research papers confined to a specific area, while others are multidisciplinary and publish papers related to multiple research areas.

Keywords: Role of multidisciplinary journals in academic acceleration

How to cite this article:
Goyal AK, Saini J. Role of multidisciplinary journals in academic acceleration. J Pharm BioSci 2023;11(1):1-1.


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